We recently completed an assignment for a family owned SME that had been through the first retirement of a Director / Shareholder leaving two younger brothers to run the firm.


In tandem with the Co’s long-standing Life & Pensions Broker, we lead the work to update the planning for the next generation as follows:


  • Carried out a valuation of the Co’s shares.


  • Agreed a new Shareholders Agreement to cover the rights & obligations that are not covered under Co Law, but are essential to have in place.


  • Agreed in advance the elements for a future share buy-back to act in conjunction with Co-Director’s Life Policies paid for by the Co, while ensuring the Director’s wills were suitably aligned with the Co’s contingency plans.


  •  Arranged put & call options to facilitate the necessary estate planning required so the business will continue operating without any financial burdens.


This “joined up” approach to family owned SME’s, ensures clients proactively tackle the hard decisions, that ultimately free up the Director’s time to concentrate on developing the business.


Not addressing important long-term issues can so easily end up causing great personal & financial hardship, when in fact the alternative is not that hard to do, once you have a trusted financial advisor like McGleenan & Co at your side.