Over the last few months McGleenan & Co has been working with clients seeking to take more control of the long term retirement planning.


While this area can be very daunting for people, with our knowledge & experience we have recently guided several clients through “helicopter view” meetings along the following lines:


  • Consider a retirement horizon and the associated succession planning.


  • Start shaping the likely arrangements that will determine the eventual sale of their business.


  • Agree on the financial capacity to fund pension contributions.


  • Agree a medium term approach for establishing a conservatively funded pension property portfolio.


  • Agree funding parameters with non-recourse debt that can be repaid rapidly using a tax exempt (until retirement) pension & unit trust structure.


  • Appoint property service advisors to find suitable properties, arrange tenants & manage the property portfolio, cost effectively.


At McGleenan & Co, we have a wider knowledge base that is particularly suited to family owned SME’s who need an approachable trusted financial advisor, to guide them to their long-term goals.